AI Demystified: A Game-Changer for Political Activists [Webinar]

Free Training | May 26, 2023 | 12 PM EDT

Wondering how AI can revolutionize your activism efforts?

All the hype over ChatGPT is not exaggerated. I’ve been using AI to help write copy and perform search engine optimization for two years. But the explosive improvement over the past few months is unlike anything I’ve seen. You can’t afford to ignore this technology.

Basics of AI

This webinar will demystify AI and explain how to develop an AI-first mindset. We’ll cover the benefits of AI for digital activism, show you some free tools you can use, and

OpenAI iconChatGPT Walkthrough

We’ll cover how to write effective prompts and then walk through an example in which I start from scratch with a single policy position to a 60-second video script that will blow your mind.


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