Online Digital Activism Training Course

Make change through digital activism

Learn how to bypass gatekeepers so you can build and own your own audience and help achieve your activism goals.

You Get

50+ Online Videos and Webinars

You’ll have access to more than 50 on-demand online videos plus free access to webinars and live streams.

Templates and Cheat Sheets

The course contains more than a dozen downloadable templates and cheat sheets to save you time and effort. 

Lifetime Access to Updates

Pay once and have lifetime access to all future course updates, bonus content, and member-only webinars. 

It’s easier for you today to reach a million people than it was for Ronald Reagan in 1980. That’s the power of digital activism. As a candidate or activist, you’re looking to create change by getting elected or influencing legislation and policy. But many of you think you need permission from gatekeepers and don’t realize the power you have in your hand right now. You can build, own, and operate your own independent influencing machine by learning how to become a Digital Activist.

This course will teach you the strategies, tactics, and tools that will empower you to bypass the gatekeepers and take your message directly to your own audience. You’ll learn why almost everything candidates are taught and advised to do is a bad idea in the digital age and what to do instead. You’ll learn how to plan, build, and execute a digital strategy. And you’ll become familiar with the tools and technologies that make it all happen.

Digital Activism Course Overview

Course Pricing

Level One
Digital Strategy Essentials
Digital Infrastructure
Content Essentials
Facebook Essentials
Advertising Essentials
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Level Two
Digital Strategy Essentials
Digital Infrastructure
Content Essentials
Facebook Essentials
Advertising Essentials
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Level One
Level Two

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Level One


  • Stop Dishing Out Meatball Sundaes
  • Case Studies in Digital Campaigns
  • Ten Commandments of Social Media

Digital Strategy Essentials

  • Messaging
  • Building Audiences
  • Segmenting Audiences
  • Building a Digital Plan [Template]

Digital Infrastructure

  • Technology Stack
  • Website
  • Email
  • Social Media Channels
  • Cybersecurity

Content Essentials

  • Introduction to Blogging
  • Creating Graphics and Images
  • Creating Videos
  • Introduction to Streaming/Podcasting
  • Basics of Content Curation

Facebook Essentials

  • Profiles, Pages, and Groups
  • Facebook Live
  • Facebook Messenger
  • The Newsfeed

Advertising Essentials

  • Anatomy of Ad Campaigns
  • Facebook Ads – Setup
  • Facebook Ads – Promoting Events
  • Facebook Ads – “Carpet Bombing”
  • Facebook Ads – Retargeting

Level Two

Mastering Digital Strategy

  • The Social Cycle
  • The Constituent’s Journey
  • Lessons from Sun Tzu
  • Ad Budgeting

Website Essentials

  • Domains & Hosting
  • Back End
  • Front End
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Analytics

Email Essentials

  • Audience Lists
  • Segmenting Audiences
  • Campaign Tips and Best Practices
  • How to Use Automations
  • Integrating With a Website

Mastering Content

  • Persuasion Techniques
  • Copywriting Techniques
  • Visual Design Techniques
  • Reading List

Mastering Advertising

  • Facebook Ad Strategies
  • Google AdWords
  • Google Display Network
  • YouTube Ads

Digital Tools & Masterclass

  • Management Tools
  • Content Tools
  • Masterclass Exercise